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Bristol Hairdressing + California Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program

Empowering Careers Through California's Cosmetology Apprenticeship Program

As many of you know, California beauty schools and the California Department of Consumer Affairs have recently lowered the standards for licensing and cosmetology as well as gotten rid of the practical exam. It is for this reason we have aligned ourselves all the more closer with the California apprenticeship program. We understand that many prospective candidates do not know that this even exist so we wanted to educate you on this exciting program. We believe it benefits, our clientele, as well as the industry itself.

Through this program, individuals have the opportunity to learn alongside experienced professionals in a salon environment, gaining firsthand knowledge and developing practical skills. This unique approach allows apprentices to build a solid foundation in hairstyling while working directly with clients, thereby bolstering their confidence and honing their craft.

One remarkable benefit of this apprenticeship program is the opportunity to build a clientele while learning. As apprentices engage with clients, they can showcase their skills and talents, gradually building trust and establishing a loyal customer base. This invaluable experience goes far beyond theory and textbooks, providing hands-on exposure to real-world scenarios and enhancing their professional development.

By immersing themselves in the salon environment from the start, apprentices are exposed early on to the business side of hairstyling. They learn firsthand how to interact with clients, manage appointments, and deliver exceptional customer service. These vital skills directly contribute to the growth of their own future businesses while caring for our clients on the highest level.

The California Apprenticeship Program for Cosmetology offers an inclusive route to pursuing your hairstyling dreams, regardless of financial constraints or limited access to traditional educational settings. This program, supported by the dedicated individuals right here in San Diego like Mike Varela of The Kingly Hair Group & Toni Gama, unlocking doors of opportunity and ensuring that talent and passion can thrive.

If you have ever dreamt of a career in hairstyling, we highly encourage you to explore the possibilities offered by this apprenticeship program. It provides an unparalleled platform to kick-start your journey and shape your future in the beauty industry.

At Bristol Hairdressing, we believe in nurturing talent and supporting individuals at every stage of their hairstyling careers. We are excited to share this remarkable opportunity with you and provide guidance on how to embark on this journey.

To learn more about the California Apprenticeship Program for Cosmetology, connect with :

The Kingly Hair Group, ( and Toni Gama ( Both offer valuable advice on how to build your clientele as you learn.

We are here to support you in realizing your dreams and making extraordinary strides in your hairstyling career.

Wishing you all the best support of the industry,

The Bristol Hairdressing Team

Doll heads with various haircut styles
Doll heads at Bristol Hairdressing San Diego.

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