Shine Luxe Limited Edition Gift Set

$71.99 $80

Limited Edition Shine Luxe Kit comes in an elegant gift box Kit. Featuring four all-time favorites for a perfect cleanse and condition, style and finish regimen. All products sulfate and paraben free, and cruelty-free. Includes free shipping.

Shine Luxe Shampoo 8.5oz
Shine Luxe Conditioner 6.7oz
Protective Thickening Lotion 6.0oz
ReFinish Dry Shampoo 8.5oz

Price of products if bought individually: $106

Shine Luxe Shampoo creates shine, restores softness and manageability with macadamia and grape seed oil. Lightly scented with black orchid.

Shine Luxe Conditioner restores luster and shine, moisture and vitality with cocoa butter and keratin. Lightly scented with black orchid.

Protective Thickening Lotion thickens the hair shaft, protects hair from heat tool styling, creates soft hold and shine. Lightly scented with lavender-pear.

Refinish Dry Shampoo creates instant texture and volume while absorbing excess oils. A miracle style rescue that leaves hair feeling thick and chic. With aloe vera and ginger.

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