Wella Professional

Wella Color Service


Color Pre-Guard

Protect the skin from color absorption with Wella Professionals Pro skin protection cream. This professional color service product has been created to avoid unpleasant hair dye skin stains during coloring. Its special formula with vitamin E and orchid extract is both easy to apply and remove.


Color Post Treatment

Protect and enhance hair color results with Wella Professionals Service Color Post Treatment. This lightweight after color treatment with Vitamin E and orchid extract provides protection of demi-, semi- and permanent color results. Wella Color Post Treatment is indicated for professional in salon color services


Stain Remover

Remove hair dye from the skin with Wella Professionals Service Color Stain Remover. This professional product removes stains caused by color absorption by the skin during color service. It effectively helps remove all types of hair color stains: semi-, demi- and permanent.

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