Grande Cosmetics

GrandeSTAY-PUT - Lip Liner


Not only does this lip liner prevent your lipsticks and glosses from bleeding and smudging outside the lip line, it will match any shade of lipstick or gloss you own. Its invisible, versatile formula works for all lip color shades and ensures that your favorite lip look will last all day.
Key Points:

No need for other lip liners
Goes with all lipstick & gloss shades
Contours your lip's shape
Prevents lip color from bleeding & anti-feather
Research Results:

In a consumer perception study:

100% said it goes with any shade of lipstick or gloss
90% said it prevents lipstick/gloss color from bleeding
90% said it helped lipsticks/glosses stay in place
*Results are based on a consumer perception study. Results will vary.

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