Bristol Hairdressing is proud to offer the highest quality hair care products found on the market today. We specifically curated our retail space to provide a pleasant shopping experience. We truly hope you enjoy our hard work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

For the Independent Stylist:
Bristol Hairdressing is an educationally driven creative space with the purpose of supporting the independent craft hairdresser, not employee. We support the independent stylist with the best amenities and education which allows them to then focus on their customers experience.

Bristol Hairdressing is not only a place to visit, it is an idea, a culture that is built by and for hairdressers. Bristol Hairdressing provides support to independent hairdresser so they themselves operate at the absolute top of their profession. The independent craft hairdressers here understand that there is no compromise when it comes to education, skillset and the sourcing of the absolute finest products and tools available, to use and also recommend.