•Curious about taking your business to the next level?

•Fearful about the lack of support when you go out on your own?

•Is it time for you to keep 100% of your income?

"sooo, ahh that would be a YES, YES, and YESSSS!"... (said the stylist)

Everything you need to know about becoming an independent stylist at Bristol Hairdressing

What we do...

Bristol Hairdressing is a retail focused community workspace along side a curated collection of products and a select group of talented independent artists with in-house education.

We are proud to be an American family owned and operated business. We make it a point to give back to our communities and we believe strongly in supporting other local businesses like yours.

We believe that education and tools matter. This is why we have made it a point to connect our community with the finest luxury and craft hairdressing products. We have partnered with exclusive brands like Oribe, R+Co, Arrojo, Wella, Ibiza & GHD.  As it is always our goal to keep our clients looking fabulous, we do this by equipping them with the proper high performing liquid styling tools, brushes & hot tools.

Each brand and product we carry has been carefully selected with intention.  We know that when a recommend is made, that it’s our reputation on the line.  This is why such care has gone into the curated brands that support this humble craft of hairdressing where quality and functionality must prevail.

We acknowledge in this day and age you can shop "virtually" anywhere. When you make the decision to shop with Bristol Hairdressing, please know you are supporting the education and betterment of the independent craft hairdressers that operate their businesses in partnership with Bristol Hairdressing.


Everything you need to know about becoming an independent stylist at Bristol Hairdressing

When it comes to the salon business there are several formats available to hairdressers while operating behind the chair.   

Employee type: For many the idea of a commission plus hourly pay is very appealing when starting out. This gives the stylist a structured base pay when they are slow and building. While this pay structure can be a safety net whine building a clientele, it also often comes with an expensive price.  The other appeal is the support of back bar items being supplied as well as education. The price, upwards of 50% of your income and salon ownership of the clientele.

Hourly pay means the salon keeps the income from services but pays an hourly wage to the technicians. This style offers tons of stylist support in return for most of the service income but often offers education incentives and training. The draw back for this style and a commission structure gives little incentive for the advancement of craft hairdressers and to stay long term.

Self-Employed: Booth rental is a independent style of opportunity but often offers little else. It is similar to a property lease and offers little if any support. Stylist are usually responsible for ALL their tools, backbar, and client supplies otherwise known as overhead. The benefit, they are entitled to 100% of their income.

With salon suite's operation is similar to a booth rent option but can be even more isolated for stylists attempting to grow their business. Without a team environment and possibly stylist benefit from walk in traffic and overflow clients from existing established stylists. If the stylist does not have an existing clientele this could be crushing on business growth. This style of salon can also lack peer growth and education inspiration if the stylist lacks personal motivation to grow. While this structure can be a great option for a well established, self motivated stylist, it can be harmful to long-term stylist growth. This style of salon experience can also be limited with professional brand support. Many brands will not allow their products in these types of spaces.



the Bristol Hairdressing Creative Space:

At Bristol we agree that backbar and education are immensely important.  That’s why Bristol is a store first.  The points acquired from the brands we carry supply top notch education and luxury backbar. This gives our stylist support the appearance of a commission or employee community with the benefits for the stylists of self-employment.  Bristol offers an in house professional beauty supply so they can purchase everything they need as they go.  All client amenities are also supplied including color trays, capes, towels, laundry service, online booking and computer software, professional website, luxury backbar liquid tools and drinks. At Bristol we know the best products and education attract the best stylists. We also know stylists recommend the products they choose to use.  Our store benefits from station rental and product sales but the stylists keep 100% of the income the receive from services. At Bristol we believe in a win, win, win business structure. Clients win with the best products and service, stylists win with the best products and education and we win in our partnerships with the brands we carry and the benefit of it’s effects on our reputation as a business.

As a new benefit to our stylists we now offer a stylist influencer program.  Stylists can sign up for a special code they can share with their clients when shopping online. When they link their PayPal, they can automatically earn back for their professional recommendations.

Our vision

Bristol Hairdressing is an educationally driven creative space with the purpose of supporting the culture of craft hairdressing.

We provide subscription options that give the independent craft hairdresser access to various levels of our support.  

We connect them with the best products and education which allows them to then focus on their customer experience

Our brands

Oribe - blends craftsmanship, performance and decades of styling experience from the top of the editorial and salon worlds to create the standard in hair care.

R+Co - Good hair that’s good for the earth. #allyouneedisgoodhair #thecultureofhairdressing


Wella - For over 140 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity.

Ibiza - Ibiza Hair brushes are made from the finest materials—eco-friendly, flexible yet resilient cork from the Mediterranean, plus a secret blend of natural boar and heat-resistant carbon fiber bristles from Spain that perform like no other boar bristles can. No getting stuck. No ripping. No breakage. Just totally controlled “GripSlip technology”, making it easier for you to offer your clients smooth, shiny hair that looks and performs the way it should.

GHD - ghd means good hair day and this year is our 20th anniversary. We're a global leader in high end professional hair styling tools and the UK’s number one recommended styling brand. Our tools are used by 200,000 hairstylists around the world and sold in 30+ countries and more than 45,000 premium salons. We've won over 300 beauty awards for our ground-breaking tools. Our #1 selling styler, platinum+, is a 3x award winner of Allure's Best of Beauty Award for best flat iron and is a top choice of celebrity hairstylists all over the world.

Our environment

We have done all the work for you!  Bristol Hairdressing has carefully curated the perfect work environment for the craft hairdressers.  We have partnered the best brands with the best stylists for the benefit of the client.  We are quite aware that our work space may not be for everyone, and that’s ok.  We know stylists and clients have a lot of choices when it comes to their salon environment.  If you appreciate the best education and the best products, look no further.  We have done the work for you.  It is our goal to create a space that the stylist only needs to show up and do good hair!


is support for the independent craft Hairdresser that seeks the creative collective of a craft Hairdressing community and mentoring while maintaining their independence as a business person.

Pro Shop

In salon beauty supply with competitive pricing.  Stylists can shop as they book reducing overhead and need for extra storage.


Our very own HOW TO, Series of education including extensions, hair color, dimensional color, hairstyling, haircutting and more.


Online affiliate tracking software that allows stylists to sign up for a unique link.  They can offer the link on their various social media.  Their clients can make online purchases through the link and when connected to PayPal, stylists can earn credits for referrals they make to our website.


Business growth including online tracking through VagaroPro.  We also offer systems for goal setting and professional growth.  Tried and true strategies for client building and long/ short term success and mentorship.

Frequently asked questions


Q.What kind of contracts do you offer?

A.Bristol Hairdressing offers a variety of flexible contracts including 2,3 and four day rates as well as add on days for growing Stylists.

Q.Can you change your membership?

A.Bristol Hairdressing offers month-to-month contracts that lock in a rate billed on the weekly

and eligible for review once a year. Hairdressers can renegotiate their contract at any time to add days based on availability however, reduction in days require a 30 day notice for billing and may void special pricing on original contract.

 Q.What does partnering with Bristol Hairdressing include?

A. Partnering with Bristol Hairdressing includes customer care items including towels, robes, capes and customer refreshments. Booking software program including online booking and client confirmations and stylist retention tracking software. Liquid styling tools including testers from our most popular luxury brands. Access to our pro shop including professional only products such as hair color and extension tools.

Q. What brands do you carry?

A. We carry only the best luxury brands Including but not limited to Oribe, R+Co, Arrojo, GHD, Wella, Nioxin, Sebastian, Ibiza styling tools, CBD MD.

Q. What items do you carry in the pro shop?

A. Wella Koleston, Color Touch and Illumina

Hair shop Extension samples, removal tool and bonding tools

Q. Does your salon have walkins?

A. The locations of our salons offer excellent curb appeal and visibility to the community. Overflow from existing established Stylist often times attracts new clientele to the salon. The salon itself does not make any income from dressing hair therefore we nurture our symbiotic relationship with the hairdressers by offering free walk ins. in return the Hairdressers use our product samples to recommend products we carry to their clientele.

Q. What stylist perks do you include?

A. Stylist perks include access to our education, luxury testers, product discounts, family discount, pro shop access, cleaning supplies, booking software & online booking, social media promotion and education badges, online education, influencer referral retail code for client purchase credits, laundry service and front desk.

Q. Does the salon offer education?A.

A. The salon offers a variety of its own education courtesy of Support your Local Hairdresser and is constantly adapting the education we offer for the specific needs of our stylists. In addition the salon has purchased several online advanced education classes for the benefit of Bristol Hairdressing Stylist. Bristol Hairdressing has also partnered with specific luxury brands that offer advanced education sometimes with celebrity Hairdressers.

Q. Does the salon take a cut of the hairdressers business.

A. Absolutely not. Bristol Hairdressing does not sell hair services or receive compensation, commission or any percentage from any hair services performed in-salon. Bristol Hairdressing income comes in the way of the sales of retail products in store and on-line as well as the styling stations. Because we are transparent like that.

Q. Can stylist earn retail commissions?

A. Bristol Hairdressing offers a influencer referral program, this partnership offers stylists a personal code and/or link they can offer their clients for purchases. Each sale can earn a percentage on purchasing made via the stylist link. Clients can then shop on their devise while sitting in the stylist’s chair and request product for pick up in-store or have it shipped. All super convenient, low stress, and get paid.

Q. Do you have an assistant program?

A. Bristol Hairdressing is certified through the California apprenticeship program for apprenticeship training. We do not have a traditional assistant program but we do offer a foot in the door for licensed Hairdressers via our salon coordinator position. Licensed salon coordinators are also eligible to attend Bristol Hairdressing Education online and in person in their own time. Licensed hairdressers in this position that fit the Bristol Hairdressing criteria and requirements may be eligible to add on days as they grow behind the chair based on salon availability. This can be a perfect foot in the door position for growing Hairdressers.

Q. Do apprentices have to attend beauty school?

A. Apprentices do not have to attend beauty school however they do you have a traditional requirement course they have to attend in addition to their work in the salon. They are eligible to earn beauty school hours while they work at Bristol Hairdressing because of our credential.

Q. How can I find out more information about the apprenticeship program?

A.  email direct:

Q. How do you ensure quality of service for the customer?

A. Bristol Hairdressing offers the best brands and the best education. We know that it is very important to screen hairdressers before allowing them to rent from our space. By caring the best brands and creating an educationally driven space we can ensure that we are attracting the right hairdressers that are up-to-date in their training.

Q. Are positions available at your salon?

A. If you were inquiring about a position feel free to email us a resume or schedule a tour of the salon today. We understand that our culture is not for everybody. We work very hard to curate and nurture environment of educationally driven learners in return creating an elevated customer experience.

Q. Can I sell my own products when at Bristol?

A. NOPE. Bristol Hairdressing has contracts in place with the brands that we represent, rest assured we did our home work. These are very exclusive lines and require exclusivity in the marketplace. Although technology changes, the brands we chose to partner with are leaders in our industry and are in it for the long haul. Knowing the companies and the people that run them give the confidence to get behind these brands, and with that you can be as well.