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Craft  Hairdressers

San Diego


Salon Coordinator

Emerging Talent

San Diego, CA

If you frequent Bristol Hairdressing you are quite familiar with Ilse already as she is Cole’s assistant and an invaluable asset to the interworking of the salon.  Ilse is mechanically inclined and has a natural knack for all things mechanical including clipper work, extensions and balayage.

Ilse first met our owner Cole at her beauty collage pre covid where Cole was a guest educator.  Ilse entered her field focused on vivid and creative color, however her skill extends much further to include more meticulous work as well as, lived in styles including extreme length.

(languages -English/Spanish)




Makeup Artist

San Diego, CA

Jeni is a vivid colorist turned trend cut champion with a heart for thinning hair and hair loss recovery.  Jeni pays attention and is an excellent listener. In her years behind the chair she has developed a cautious approach to cutting and color correction. Jeni is an perfectionist when it comes to to navigating her clients’ unique hair journey.



Stylist, Mentor

Makeup Artist

San Diego, CA

Apprenticing at Bristol from the age of 15.

Sasha's applies pure art and style when it comes to advising her clients in both hair and makeup. She specializes in natural colors, balayage and stylish scissor/razor cuts for short or long hair.  Sasha has begun her educator journey and has been mentored by celebrity hairdresser like Nick Arrojo.


Salon Coordinator

Emerging Talent

Reno, NV

Casie, is extremely passionate about her craft and loves to create looks that are unique to each individual. With her wealth of knowledge, expertise and creativity, she is able to provide a variety of services including cut, style, makeup, product recommendations and much more. Casie goes above and beyond to ensure that each of her clients walk away feeling confident and beautiful.

Reno NV
Open Chair
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Master Stylist

Mentor, Educator

Reno, NV & San Diego, CA

Our owner, Cole, brings over 25 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, as well as an educator for multiple brands. She is extremely passionate, and loves to share her expertise through dedication to the craft, and helping clients look and feel their best.

Reno Booking is OPEN 



San Diego, CA

Reno, NV

Join a dynamic environment and work with creative professionals!

Featuring continuing education, an in-house color bar, luxury cleansing and styling products, as well as client amenities and parking.

Offering flexible options for every stage of your careerI

Connect with us below to see if

Bristol Hairdressing is the right fit for you and your future!

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