Spring is in the Hair!

Tackle the frizzy nature of the changing seasons

Weather warming up brings with it new hair concerns. We tackle dry, heat and UV damaged hair.

No matter how you got here, the professionals at Bristol Hairdressing are poised to help guide you to your perfect healthy hair routine.

the New & the Notable

NEW: from Oribe is Bright Blonde Sun Lightening Mist. Looking to embrace the sun? This lightweight spray will brighten you up while hydrating and protecting your hair. A blend of lemon and chamomile for brightening your highlights, all while imparting weightless moisture and UV protection that only Oribe can accomplish.

Notable: Humidity fluffing you up or just driving you nuts? Let us re-introduce Oribe Imperméable this amazing anti-humectant and light hold spray is a go-to for many of our traveler clients. Spray on finished hair to block frizz, set style and add texture. Can also be used before styling for texture and hold.

NEW: from R+Co is Suncatcher this amazing product has quickly become a stylist and client favorite. With UV and heat protection this leave-in conditioner is perfect for first day hair, or third day (we don't judge) and is fantastic for on-the-go air drying.

Notable: is the dry weather or East winds causing out of control static? Foil from R+Co is for you to help control that frizz and static while it strengthens and nourishes the hair, restoring luster and shine.


Stylist Spotlight:

Jessica Cunningham

curly hair expert at San Diego

"Here are some tips and tricks for all our curly people. I always recommend working with sopping wet hair when setting your curls, keep a spray bottle near by if you need to add more water. All curls are thirsty, so a mix of moisture and hold is always best, play around with different ratios of your favorite products to find the cocktail that works best for you. Always section your hair to work with smaller amounts at a time and finger comb from the scalp out, not down, then scrunch. For most curly hair I recommend R+Co’s Suncatcher and Motorcycle. For very fine/thin curls I like to pair Suncatcher and Chiffon together, and for thick/big curls that need some control Arrojo's Hair Creme is the absolute best." ~ with love and curls, Jessica C.

*Get more tips and tricks just like this and more by following Jessica on instagram @pixiesandcurls


Bristol Hairdressing and moving past Covid-19....

As the numbers slow and more of the public are being vaccinated you may notice some protocols loosening at both locations. We will be allowing clients to be closer than 6 feet apart, and as long as our capacity limit is not met, we will no longer be requiring you to wait outside the salon prior to your visit. We will also be bringing back some complimentary items as aid to your enjoyment of services received. Never forget! Our stylist and clientele safety is of top priority and Bristol Hairdressing and the stylists will continue to strive to go above and beyond to keep our space clean and safe for all.

Yours in good hair,
Bristol Hairdressing